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Wittle Finger Pinch Guards

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Made from soft EVA foam and is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers of your baby, toddler, or child from getting pinched or jammed due to a door closing. Ideal for childproofing or baby proofing any type of interior doors! Provides a soft 1.5" cushion between the door and door frame. This prevents the door from slamming shut due to a breeze coming from an open window or a draft caused by an air conditioner.

WITTLE™ Finger Pinch Guard is a simple and easy solution for:

  • Avoiding painful finger pinch and jamming injuries.
  • Stopping the door from slamming shut.
  • Preventing children and pets from accidentally getting locked in a room.


  • Made from safe and non-toxic EVA foam.
  • High quality and durable so it won’t lose its form over time and slip off the door.
  • Soft and flexible C shape fits easily around any door
  • Conveniently store hanging around doorknob or door handle when not in use
  • Sleek white color and simple design will blend into any décor style.

To Install:

  • OPTION 1: Place the Wittle Finger Pinch Guard around the outer edge of the door and high enough up to be out of reach for children.
  • OPTION 2: Place the Wittle Finger Pinch Guard around the top of the door at least 6 inches from the outer edge.

Our customers love the Wittle™ Finger Pinch Protector because it is a simple, effective, and high-quality product that is easy to use and works.

It is time to stop those slamming doors, accidental lock-ins, and painful finger injuries and baby proof doors the simpler way.

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• Soft, flexible, and durable foam door stopper.
• Stop door from slamming shut.
• Prevent painful finger pinch injuries.
• The Wittle Finger Pinch Guard makes baby proofing doors simple.
• Let cats, dogs, and kids roam freely without getting stuck in a room from a door closing.