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Wireless Charger Receiver(Texas Instruments chip made)

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Help Your Phone Support Wireless charge

The Wireless charging device is divided into two parts. One is the wireless charging transmitter, one is the wireless charging receiver. They can’t be separated from each other. If your phone has a built-in wireless charging receiver, you just need to buy a wireless charging transmitter. If your phone has no built-in wireless charging receiver, then you also need to buy an external wireless charging receiver, so that your mobile  phone can achieve  wireless charging.



  • EASY TO USE : Plug the receiver pad coil into the micro USB of the phone, then place the receiver pad coil above the the back cover. Effortless Charging your phone for Cord-free Convenience. What you need to do is just attach the Wireless Charging Receiver Module on the phone battery or inside the phone case.

  • COMPATIBILITY : Works with most Qi Standard wireless charger charging pads (not included). Easy assembly and dis-assembly to share with your friends and family. No interfere with other functions of the Smartphone.
  • PORTABLE: Ultra-thin and light weight design, easy to install. Fit easily under the back of the phone, laying directly over the battery. No need change your phone cover and say no to bulk. It is really a wonderful choice for you.

  • CABLE FREE: Charged and ready to go. Tangled, incompatible power cords disappear with wireless power charging technology. Simply place your phone (have already inserted the receiver) on a compatible wireless charging pad (not included) and charging starts.
  • Absorbing materials .heat resistance/hight quality/moisture resistance.corroslon resistance.It refers to a kinds of materials which can absor the dlectromagnetic wave energy onto its engineering application,in addition to the requirement of high absorption rate within a broad band of electromagnetic wave,it also requires the advantage of light quality,heat resistance,moisture resistance corrosion resistance,etc

  • For iphone

  • For Android Micro USB

Before buying,please confirm the direction of the mobile phone charging interface,choose to suit your profuct according to the picture

  • Type A

There are three types For Android Phone please pay much attention to the direction of the interface and choose the correct receiver. First,put your phone on the table, and the screen is up if your phone usb is narrow top and wide bottom,choose type A

  • For Type B

if it is wide top and narrow bottom,please choose type B

  • For Type C

if round interface ,please choose type c


Charging current: 1000mAh-2000mAh
Charging power: the maximum can reach 10W
Wireless conversion efficiency: 73%
Transmission distance: 0-2mm
Execution standard: Qi wireless charging standard
Input: 5V
Output: 5V
Net weight: approx. 4g
Gross weight: approx. 6g
Product size: approx. 105*43*1mm/4.13*1.69*0.03”
Package with PE bag.

 Our products have passed the safety certification of relevant departments and have patents, please rest assured to buy


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