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Skin Care Mud Rubbing Nano Sponge Now 35%OFF

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Product description:
  • Product name: Skin Care Mud Rubbing Nano Sponge
  • Theory: Lightly rubbing through the wet high-density nano surface, the dirt on the skin will increase in the direction of friction.
  • Usage: Soak it in water and soak it fully, wring it out gently, then use is like a eraser on your skin.
  • Skin care: Most of us use shower gel to clean the skin, which merely make us smell better, but leaving the dirt and skin keratin on. Great !!!
  • Care of baby: This Skin Care Mud Rubbing Nano Sponge is suitable for all ages and unbroken skin. Baby no more crying at shower. Great !!!
  • Need no shower gel: You do not need any other cleaners when using the nano sponge, and you'd better not apply any shower gel if you want to see it work out well. Great !!!
  • Delivery: Various with shipping methods(3~14day)
  • Material: Nano PVA
  • Color: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow
  • Size: 5.2*1.2*2.8 inch
  • Address: California


  1. Do not apply shower gel
  2. Do not use it without water or full of water
  3. The color may differs with lights, please understand