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Ring Puzzle Lock 8pcs Set🔥28%OFF

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Product description: 
  • Name: Ring Puzzle Lock
  • Purpose: Enlightenment&Entertainment
  • Method: Unlock the lock with specific route
  • Age: For 8+
  • Instruction: Included in the package
  • Type: Curved&Restorable

  • Intellectual development: This toy can break traditional thinking. Divide your mind with games. Nothing is impossible!!!
  • Improve concentration: When you play with it, you shall get full concentrated until it's done.
  • Fun to play: Start with a puzzle that seems impossible may gas your fighting spirit. As you play more, you get to feel amused.

  • Item: 100% New
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Quantity: 8pcs a set
  • Package: Blister Card
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