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Paste creative mobile phone holder

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Are you still worried because the phone charging cable is too short?
Are you still worried about not seeing your mobile phone while cooking or washing vegetables?
This sticky phone holder will make your phone no longer suspended and charge, so you can watch TV while washing vegetables. And it is not only a mobile phone stand, but also a device for storing items.
scenes to be used

  • Wall-mounted design, mobile phone charging good partner
    It is convenient for short-term charging, without worrying about the mobile phone charging in the air and breaking the mobile phone. When washing vegetables and brushing teeth, you can also watch TV and audio songs with your mobile phone.

  • Shelf for placing various items
    Hook design can hang bathroom toiletries, key, bag and spoon on it. The plug can also be placed on it without worrying about the danger of electricity caused by water.

Steps for usage

  • First wipe the wall clean
  • Ripped viscose
  • Attached to the back of the bracket
  • Smooth placement