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MultiCatch - Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig

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🏆 Catch 2, 3, Or More Fishes In One Throw! 🎣🐟

Why Settle For A Single Catch When You Can Hook In Several Fishes In One Cast With The MultiCatch - Umbrella Fishing Lure Rig. This Fishing Rig Features A Metalhead With 5 Wire Arms Where You Can Attach Your Favorite Soft Baits. Once Thrown In The Water, It Will Look Like A School Of Fish, Attracting Big Catches.


  • Simulates A School Of Fish To Lure In More Catches

  • Easy To Use – Simply Attach Your Favorite Soft Lures And Start Fishing

  • Wire Arms Spread Out And Slow Retrieval Is The Best Way To Use The Rig

  • Get More Catches In One Go

  • Made From Strong, Sturdy And Anti-Corrosion Materials

Pro Tips:

  • A Fully-Rigged, 5-Wire Umbrella Rig Typically Weighs At Several Ounces, And It Casts Like It’s Even Heavier, So Use A Rod And Reel That Are Up To The Task

  • Ideal Umbrella Rig Rods Should Be 7 ½ To 8 Feet Long, Heavy Or Extra Heavy Power, And Paired With A Heavy-Duty Bait Caster In A Low Gear Ratio (5.4:1)

  • Use At Least 20-Pound Line If You Opt For Fluorocarbon Or 50-Pound If You’re A Braid Lover

  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,River,Stream
  • Type: Artificial Bait


  • 1 * Umbrella Rig Fishing Lure