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Mini car trash can

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Is your car slowly piling up with trash and have nowhere else to put them?

Don’t throw your trash out the window but keep your car trash free with the convenient Car Trash Can!

This unique portable trash can will fit anywhere inside your car without taking up too much storage space!

It comes with an ultra-tight push lid storage cap so you won’t have to worry about your trash scattering all over the place especially on bumpy roads!

It’s the ultimate trash management feature for your car!

Get a cleaner trash free car when you keep your trash in check with the amazing Car Trash Can!

A Convenient Space Saving Trash Can!
An innovative and practical solution for the road!

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS Plastic

Available Colors: Black/Grey/Red/Blue/Yellow

Size: 20x9x6.5cm

It’s a convenient space-saving trash can for your car!

Keep your car interior neat and clean when you store your trash in the ultra-convenient Car Trash Can!

Easy To Install And Use!

Easy to install and use!

Its compact size will fit perfectly on any location inside your car whether its the cup holder or your door’s side pockets!

It features an ultra-tight sealing cap to ensure that your trash won’t scatter anywhere especially on bumpy roads!

Its the ideal trash can for candy wrappers, napkins, receipts, cigarette butts and so much more!

It’s a must-have space saving trash can for your car!

Get the convenience that you’ve always wanted and maintain a trash-free car with the portable Car Trash Can now!