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Liberty lift for elderly(It can also help you get out of bed)

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Leg Foot Lifter Strap 44 Inch Length Upgraded Rigid Foot Loop Replacement Wheelchair For Old People

Bullet Points:

1、LEG LIFTER STRAPS:The 44 inch long leg lifter strap helps you easily maneuver your legs to get out of chairs, wheelchairs, beds, or cars. The leg lifters are effective at increasing your mobility.
2、EASY TO USE: Customizable foothold loop is moldable to fit your foot, with or without a shoe. Sturdy design allows for re-positioning of your leg without having to bend over.
3、IDEAL FOR: Users recovering from hip or leg surgery, weakness of the leg, arthritis or physical therapy.
4、Non-Slip Design: the foot loop & hand grip are non-slip,which ensure the foot and hand does not slip. The foot loop is enough large to accommodate any size foot.
5、RECOVERY: Use the leg lifter as a Pre or Post Surgery Mobility Aid - great for occupational and physical therapists.

It can also help you get out of bed

1.The 44" Long  leg lifter strap helps you easily maneuver your legs to get out of chairs, wheelchairs, beds, or cars. The leg lifters are effective at increasing your mobility.
2.The foot loop & hand grip are non-slip,which ensure the foot and hand does not slip. The foot loop is enough large to accommodate any size foot.
3.Suitable for those with limited mobility, knee, or hip replacement surgery. It can reduces pain after knee replacement surgery.
4.The foot loop & hand grip are non-slip,which ensure the foot and hand does not slip. The foot loop is enough large to accommodate any size foot.


Good Workmanship


  • The nylon hand loops provides a strong enough grip to reposition the leg.
  • The nylon foothold loop is rough enough to ensure the foot will not slip through, and will be easy to put your foot on it.


1*leg lifter strap