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LED Time Display Mini Desktop Fan

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Beat the summer heat in a cool & stylish way

If you're looking to transform a hot and stuffy room into a temperature that is personalized to your needs and comfort, then it is high time to make a sound investment in this LED Time Display Mini Desktop Fan!  It is uniquely designed as a USB powered fan that displays an LED clock as it spins.

This time display fan has low noise emission and has cool look that will seamlessly blend in any home interior or modern office space. You can even change the displaying text easily on your computer All you need is a USB port to create a gentle refreshing breeze with the coolest spinning effect.


  • GENTLE STREAM OF AIR: The lightweight fan is powerful enough to produce a steady, gentle breeze and keep your body temperature in check
  • COOL TIME DISPLAY EFFECT: It displays the time or any text with a cool glowing effect as it spins
  • EASY TO USE: Just plug into any USB power source to operate and easily edit the displaying text on the computer when connected
  • NOISE-FREE: It boasts a quiet operation so it doesn't cause needless distraction


  • PORTABLE: It is a small USB cord-connected cooling device that can be easily moved from place-to-place
  • SPACE-SAVING: This will take up minimal space on your office desk
  • SAFE: The blades are soft but durable so it won't hurt you even if you accidentally touch it while it is spinning
  • ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK: The fan blades and gooseneck are soft and flexible so you can easily turn the fan in any direction and at any height

Another ordinary style: Lazy USB Cable Fan

Simpler and Cheaper

Enjoy Cool and Comfortable Working with Lazy USB Cable Fan Aside from your Laptop even in Summer Time!


      • Blade Material: PVC plastic
      • Working Volt: DC 5V
      • Working Current: ≤350mA
      • LED Color: Blue

      Package Includes: 

      1 x LED Time Display Mini Desktop Fan OR 1 x Lazy USB Cable Fan