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Knob Toothpaste Squeezer

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Use your toothpaste and cosmetics to the last bit !!!Everyone who buy it love it.
  • Multi-purpose: you can not only use it to squeeze toothpaste but also use it to squeeze cream tube, cleansing foam or other items. You sure save a number of money with it !!!
  • Easy to use: this toothpaste squeezer has the creative design of a rotate handle. You do not need any more strength than you would need to squeeze a tube normally.
  • Excellent performance: no matter for a adult or a little kid, you can easily squeeze out as much cream as you want, with out any waste !!!
  • Sturdy material: it is made of high quality ABS plastic which does not deform or break.
  • Non-slip design: considering it is frequently used in places near water, our designer adapted anti-slip structure and material to make the squeezer. You sure use it without any difficulty, even when it's totally wet.
  • 1 pcs of Knob Toothpaste Squeezer in Blister card