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Hanging Underwear Organizer

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No more messing underwears/socks

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  • Superior quality: it is made of high quality oxford fabric and equipped with polyester net; what's more, to make it perfectly, we applied meticulous work.
  • Easy to use: to make it convenient to use, we applied visible net design; you sure get what you want very quickly.
  • Multi-purpose: considering different needs, we make it with different pockets and make it bigger with more bags; you can put your bras, pants, socks, hats, T-shirt, scarf and etc in it.
  • Double-sdied design: to make it competent for 1 person's items, we also made it double-sided(front 6 bags+back 18 bags)
  • Do not occupy space: since you hang it up instead of throw your clothing around, it takes little space, no matter if your room is big.
  • Do not need drawer or wardrobe: so long as you got someplace to hang it, that's all it needs.
  • Flexible hook: this design will make it much more personal for you to use, following your preference.
Specification: 80cm long*40cm wide/front 6 bags+back 18 bags