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🤭If you ask me, cleaning out your home's gutters is just about the worst job ever, second to raking probably! Just don't tell Hank Hill I said that. Luckily, someone invented an ingenious tool to make this chore a lot easier. It's called The Gutter Tool, and it connects to any standard extendable pole and comes with a spoon and scoop mechanism that lets you easily pull leaves right towards you while easily working around the bars on your gutters.

While using the unique gutter cleaning tool, you can clean a lot more area in your gutters while moving your ladder a lot less. If you're someone who can't just hop up onto your roof to clean your gutters, this ingenious gutter cleaning tool would be a wise investment to save a lot of time through the fall season.✨✨

The Gutter Tool - Genius gutter debris cleaning tool

🍂How Do You Use The Gap cleaning tool?

To use the gutter cleaning tool, just screw it onto any standard extendable pole. You can then climb your ladder with the pole and pull the leaves and debris in your gutters towards you using the flat end of the tool. Once your reach a bar in your gutter where you can pull no further towards you, flip the tool over to the other side and push the debris under the gutter bar. Then you can flip the tool back over and continue pulling the debris towards you, where you'll ultimately have it close enough to pull out by hand and out of your gutters.

The Gutter Tool - Genius gutter debris cleaning tool

The gutter tool allows you to pull debris in your gutters towards you up to 20 feet away without having to reposition your ladder at all. The unique tool also helps clean behind skylights, under gutter hangers, and other roof structures. Plus using the unique design, you can hang it right from your gutter when you need to use both of your hands or climb or descend the ladder.

The Gutter Tool - Genius gutter debris cleaning tool

The Gutter Tool - Genius gutter debris cleaning tool

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