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Fingertip Protector For Stringed Instrument

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Why Do I Need This?
It is called  fingertip protector which can protect  you finger when you are playing stringed instruments.
Using this product will not affect the speed of playing the guitar.
I love guitar as well as I love my fingers.So if you have trouble of finger pain,try it without being concerned about others' views.

  • Problems such as finger deformation, ugly calluses can be easily solved with the protection of guitar finger protectors.
  • Adopt high-grade silicone, say no to smelly smells. 2mm thickness makes it frivolous and ventilated, anti skid and comfortable. Avoid hand sweat which can easily makes the strings rust.
  • Special design makes fingertip protector close to skin freely.
  • Super Tough and high performance with good tension is not easy to broken.


  • Material: silicone rubber
  • Weight: 2g
  • Size: universal
  • Contect: 1*fingertip protector