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Electric eyebrow pencil

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Are your shaved hair and eyebrows painful and annoying?Yes, it is possible! !

This hair removal pen has won praise from Brazil and the world!
√ Completely painless;
√ Does not irritate the skin; it does not irritate the skin; it does not irritate the skin.
√ Highly accurate.

No more trouble with eyebrows

Say goodbye to tweezers
Retired tweezers, betting on practical and painless products

Avoid expensive and time-consuming procedures
Save time and money with eyebrow and lip beauty procedures

Even those who will hurt you
You do not need to perform procedures that may cause irritation or even damage the skin.

The benefit list is very long, you no longer need any reason

Carry bag easily

USB battery powered
Can be used for a few hours on a single charge

Quick cleaning
Just use water

Stay in the day
Hair removal in minutes

Very useful!
Cross the extra hair
There is no mystery, just choose the area for shaving and hair removal.