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Double Pop and Catch Ball Game Set(2 launchers+3 balls)

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  • USE ANYWHERE - All components are waterproof and easy to transport. Take the game on vacations, or use at home. Made for play in the backyard, park, beach, or pool!
  • FUN FOR ALL - Entertaining fun for both kids and adults with all skill levels: a fun game for everyone in the family (ages 2 to adult).
  • GAMEPLAY - Play "catch" with a friend or practice "pop 'N catching" by yourself by clicking the launcher and catching the ball in the basket. See how many times in a row you can “Pop N Catch” without dropping the ball.
  • STAY ACTIVE - Great for hand/eye coordination, plus a fun way to keep kids and adults active and alert.
  • SPECS – Our single-pack version includes 2 lightweight handheld pop-launcher baskets, 2 launchers, and 3 ping-pong balls. All parts are waterproof. Purple and green colors.