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Creative magnetic ball calendar

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The imagination of time

When we talk about the future, it becomes the past as soon as we think about it. Time is so amazing, Sometimes it passes by you quietly, it seems to leave no trace, it seems to make you hard to forget.

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New reincarnation

Time pushed to a year ago, we launched the magnetic ball calendar, personalized shape, simple it is loved by everyone.
Today, we launched an upgraded version of the second-generation electromagnetic ball calendar. Its shape still follows the simplicity of the first generation.
The breakthrough lies in adding a cycle to the original date and time, thus satisfying the time concept of some patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. And the increase in color, if black and red meet the European and American style, then the new color black and white is the classic reincarnation.


Magnetic ball characteristics

Still through the characteristics of the magnetic ball, with the external ring, delicate small objects, over time Move manually toggle it through every day.


Sense of art in the picture

In addition to meeting the functional requirements, it can be hung as a creative pendant, placed somewhere in the room, Bring you a different sense of the picture.

Of course, since decoration is also a good choice, you can also consider it as a work of art.

Usage instructions

Assemble, insert and fix accordingly, then move the date, month and period into 3 small balls, the magnetic ball and the ring attract each other.
Because the cotton thread is restricted, the fixed point of the ball as the middle circle is the month, the small ball adsorbed on the horizontal bar is the date, and the top of the ring is the period.

Product parameters

Color: red and black, black and white
Product size: diameter 230x25mm
Material: ABS plastic, magnet, cotton thread
Reset: about 600 grams
Color box size: 255x255x45mm