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Cartoon Diamond Painting (get a photo frame)

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💎Don't know what to play with ? 
💎Don't have an idea about Gift ?
💎Want to decorate your room ?
Get and Try it out 🐳🐱🐵🐰🐭

Product description:  diamond painting is a new method of art which can be done well by everyone, no skill needed. While fulfiling the painting, attention is increased in fun and you will get a very beautiful masterpiece. Good for toys and gifts, for the young and the old !!!
  • easy to learn: You don't need any skill to draw the painting, just follow the reference picture.👍
  • easy to start: With all the tools we shipped, you can start the painting anytime and anywhere. No more tools needed, including the Photo Frame.👍👍👍
  • shiny diamond:all the diamonds are imported Crystal Diamond.👍👍👍
  • easy to keep: It is made of materials that stick to each other and will not depart. Simply put it into the Photo Frame and display.👍👍
  • size: picture15*15cm/ frame18*18cm
  • package: imported diamonds/ a painting pen/ a bowl to hold diamond/ a picture/ a wooden frame
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  3. The photo frame is included in the package!!!