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Automatic Water Level Control Float Valve

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  • Always forget to turn off the faucet?
    You need an Automatic Water Level Controller!

    The controller can automatically shut off the valve when it reaches the water level! You can apply to a water tower tank, solar, toilet, swimming pool water control and even more. It's eco-friendly products too! 

    You need the perfect water level controller to replace the traditional float ballcock! Grab yours now! 

  •  AUTOMIZED SMART WATER LEVEL-SENSING TECH - This automatic water control valve leverages the smart water-level-sensing technology! Once the sensor senses that the container is full, it turns off the water flow immediately!

     ECO-FRIENDLY ENERGY AND WATER SAVING SOLUTION! This valve operates with no electricity needed ! Live greenly has never been more durable, easy and foolproof! 

     WIDE APPLICATION!  Use this valve to replace the traditional float ballcock and stay water-efficient for pools, water towers, tubs, sink, and even toilets! 

     CONTROL YOUR WATER DISPENSING WITH SMART VALVE! The valve body sinks to open the forerunner of the control valve for water dispensing! Once the valve floats in full water level, it stops water immediately! 

     EASY INSTALLATION! To install the valve, simply screw the valve tight at the taps for a no fuss, no tools easy setup! 


  • High-quality and Stainless Steel
Product Weight
  • 100G
Product Size
  • AS picture
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